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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>>ingrid: we have clear skies with a few clouds in the northern mountains, that's about it. it's windy in the northern mountains. wind advisory is out until 10 o'clock. gusts above 3500 feet. reaching 45 miles per hour. we have 20 miles per hour winds right now down into asheville, making it feel like the teens. 37 by lunchtime, with sunshine. coming up in my full forecast, i will talk more about who could see some snow in the seven-day forecast. and that power outage in arden may cause traffic issues this morning. jaclyn? >>jaclyn: right. so it is possible, but some traffic lights might be out on airport road this morning. so, if if you are heading out in the area use a little extra caution and remember to use all the intersections with the lights out as a four-way stop. getting a look at travel times for you, things are looking good here on smoky park highway. traffic is moving right on time
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turning to i-26, a 15 minute drive for long sholes, watch for delays on i. 64 in hendersonville. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: breaking news from the vatican. a press conference is about the get underway there right now. >>jay: right now, a vat kahn spokesman will say an important announcement will be made. this is a live look from that news conference. clearly no one is seated yet. it has not begun. it's very unusual. >>holly: it is very unusual. ice being called an impromptu news conference. we are monitoring the situation and we will come back to this as soon as it gets reki ready to begin and we will stream it on our web site. we have been looking on-line and there is no indication on what this may be about. >>jay: no idea what this is about. the last time there was a news conference kind of like this, we learned that pope benedict was retiring. this time though, we can't even
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might be about. >>holly: stay with us. we have live pictures from the vaticancy for you and we will come back as soon as we know a little bit more. >>jay: in the meantime, closer to home, deputies in madison county are searching for the man who robbed a bank in marshal. he hit the first citizens bank on highway 25/70 just before 11:00 yesterday morning. surveillance video shows him wearing black-rimmed glass, a gray hoodie and camouflage hat. if you recognize him, call the madison county sheriff offense office. >>holly: police are looking for 35 year-old april evans. she was arrested in black mountain wednesday thursday. three other suspects were already in custody. the investigation stretches back to last summer, when deputies received several reports of fake money being passed at local businesses. >>jay: a survey is circulating asking cherokee residents what think think of medical marijuana. a group called common sense cannabis is collecting
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leadership said no to studying the pros and cons of medical marijuana. they are focusing their attention on just medical marijuana now. >> a majority of our people support medical cannabis. there is not as much support for personal use. >>jay: al says the survey results will be presented to the tribal council in march. >>holly: there is no word this morning about how soon state officials could approve turning a former land phil into a sports complex in inca. representatives with the department of environmental quality listen to concerned residents during a public hearing last night. the d. e. q. reps said there are state-specific requirements to make the buncombe county land safe. that includes the minimum of two feet of clean soil over the landfill, and monitoring surface and ground water. >> we will take those into consideration, along with any documents, things about the property in the past, and other
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along the way and use those to make our final decision as to whether to move forward with the project. >>holly: the site is just beyond the tree line and was operated by the b. a. s. f. corporation, it's near sand hendersonville road near the b. a. s. f. plant. >>jay: thousands of communities are getting grants for drinking water projects. stanton will get $2 million for a water and junaluska in haywood county will also get $3 million for sewer work and water replacement meter projects and bakersville will get more than $2.5 million for processing water there. >>holly: getting ready for spring. an event this weekend puts a variety of boats, atvs, and r.v.s out for sale. >>jay: lauren, this is the largest event of this area? >>lauren: it is, and it's been around for 20 years.
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we showed you the boats and atvs and now we are in a totally separate building with wall-to-wall r.v.s. this is me randa debrule ( ), one of the largest you can find for a motor home but there is amenities outside? >> right. is all about taking all the ( ) home or comforts of home with you, so this unite features an outdoor t.v. for watching a big game maybe? there's a big game coming up? >>lauren: that's right. the big game, uh-huh. so if you walk inside you are show us what we can find in here. it's like the comfort of your own home on wheels. >> that's right. luxury is countertop, overhead lighting, double door refrigerator, a nice living space. this unite features three slide-outs to give you this open -- >>lauren: gives you room for sure. so this sleeps, four, right?
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>> that's right. >>lauren: and then the couch. but you can also have other r.v.s, bunk beds and thing like that? >> the bunk beds can sleep 8 like this, but a unite like this is more like 4. >>lauren: lots of room, a variety of popups to fifth wheels and everything in between. >> that's right. every size and budget in between. >>lauren: perfect. it kicks off at 10 o'clock at the wnc ag center, two buildings full of boats, atvs and r.v., we have all the information on, just click on "news links." live from the wnc ag center, i'm lauren brigman. >>holly: demolition is actualed after a building collapsed injuring a woman. >>jay: it happened in tennessee. kimberly nichols is recovering in the hospital from her injuries. she is expected to be okay. her daughter says a wall of a church fell and landed on the 58 year-old's vehicle. no one else was hur. police are still investigating how it all happened.
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information on the story we brought you yesterday morning about a car that somehow made it onto the roof of a home. >>jay: this is absolutely crazy. we told you about the bizarre story. it happened in a neighborhood in california. firefighters say the driver hit two parked cars, rolled through the yard, before launched onto the roof of this two-story building. >>holly: firefighters believe the driver suffered some kind of medical problem. he is expected to be okay. this this week's edition of "thanks to teachers," we are introducing you to a teacher who embraces his farming roots. >>jay: news 13's zack green shows how dan harris takes his class outside. >> i believe in the future of agricultural. >> what i'm trying to instill in the kids is the respect and love for agriculture. not of words, but deeds. >>zack: dan harris is a farmer at heart. >> i grew up in agriculture and it's something i do. >>zack: and now his life is consumed with passing along his
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>> begin to believe it, okay. >> everything he does, he does it with passion. >> he is born with it you can't help but like it. >> based on my love for students and young people, and my love for agriculture, it's a good marriage. >>zack: dan's classes are not just held in the classroom. >> we have cattle here at school and a farm and we have pigs. >>zack: if in fact, students take part in true farm duties. >> they're able to see the birth process, feed, vaccinate, all the normal animal husband ban dry things they would do on a farm, they can do here ( ). >>zack: agriculture and farming are hard sells for the new generation of students but his passion has rubbed off. >> he really got me interested in agriculture and the horticulture industry. >> of agricultural life. >>zack: and these students
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have pursued. >>zack: i will go to an agriculture college in georgia where i study crop and soil surfaces and do this for the rest of my life. >> because of mr. harris showing me different sides of the industry, i found my niche, i believe. >>zack: and for mr. harris helping these students find a new passion, we thank you. zack greene, news 13. >>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away for you this morning. >>jay: one lucky person can win $100 in gift certificates to wild wing cafe. the great deal if you are planning a superbowl party this weekend, or if you want go to wild wing to watch the big game. >>holly: go to 13 to enter and we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock and stick around, wild wing is in the studio showing off another great game day recipe you can do at home. fernando rips through the southeast. >>jay: while the national weather service was called in to survey the damage.
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at the bus stop are wearing layers and maybe something wind proof and a hat. it's cold outside. 30s through lunchtime. drop off time at best 40 degrees. some folks on a wind advisory. we have a weekend outlook coming up right after the break and i will let you know where we are
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>> we will be right back. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: good morning, everyone. and happy friday. made it to the end of the work week and it is starting off very chilly this morning.
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leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. we will factor in the wind, it feels colder. you can see the flags flying down into the upstate. 's our greenville cam ratchet and right there the air temperature is 35 degrees. not factoring in the wind at all. satellite radar, the overnight we did see some very light show showers in our eastern zones, and now, pushing in towards greensboro. back here in the asheville area, just a few clouds and, actually, some clearer skies. that's helping our temperatures drop this morning. in fact, we dropped another degree over the last hour. 27 degrees so. since midnight that as cold as we have gotten which is right about nornal for our time of year and the departure,, is up because of all the rain. blantyre is still out and continuing to wait for the river to recede. below that action stage, which won't happen until saturday night at this point. they have to keep extend the river flood warning.
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25 in bryson city. 30s further south down into the upstate and gaffney. 34 morganton, freezing. 10 degrees cooler up towards boone. wind advisory is out for yancey, mitchell, avery counties, mountains of mcdowell and burke. above 3500 feet, gusts up to 45 miles per hour. back here in asheville, we have seen sustained winds throughout the entire morning, around 20 miles per hour. so there is a wind chill. you step outside, this is why the kids need to be bundled up this morning. it feels like 14 degrees, a great day to utilize that hood or toboggan. satellite radar shows a big dip in the jet stream pulling in the chilly air across the region. sunshine expected today. so, although we will be cool, we won't have to deal with any rain and really any clouds at all. tonight, a few more clouds likely but that's about it. tomorrow morning, starting off cold. the weekend, looking pretty nice. we seeds a few clouds, no threat for snow until the beginning of next week.
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in the valleys at 34 miles per hour. winds should stay calm at 23. tonight, greenville, 49 degrees today. it will be breezy, but lighter wind tonight. back below freezing. so, superbowl sunday, 50 degrees expected. but it's the 60% chance for a wintry mix monday. 30-40% chance on tuesday. and 30s for high temperatures through the middle of next week. it will be a rain event monday in the upstate. but, cold by tuesday. back to you. >>holly: the cleanup is underway after several tornadoes touched down in parts of the southeast. >>jay: for two days tornadoes hit in crockett county, tennessee. a surveillance video at a local high school shows the moment a tornado came crashing through a classroom. school day was over when the twister hit. >>holly: the national weather service will be out to assess the storm damage and determine if it was caused by an actual tornado or straight line winds. time is 6 :15, we head to the green for a game of golf.
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>>stan: good morning, in sports, college hoops last night, and another rough road game for western carolina. the cats at uncg started poorly and never got better. mike brown scores 20 but western never ended. down duct digits most of the night. 2 of 19 from three point land.
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against greensboro but they lose 95 high temperature 58. they will do better saturday looking for that elusive home win. sphwhr the dual wrestling team playoff last night, what a night it was. in 3a inca takes both matches at ford and will wrestle for the state championship saturday. if the jets win it will be the first ever state title. and in 1a, two-time defending state champs mitchell hosting 3 and fourth round action, knockout rosman and beat elkin in the fourth, three seen , you houston twitty, peyton green, and josh hug givens secure the victory for them, a possible three pete, no word on the pod at the hill typiers were wrestling. and another area football player signs up, caleb moves up and will play at brevard college. he played for the blue devils. congrats. and in golf, here is the shot that wowed the crowd in sotsdale at the phoenix open.
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they boo you, if you don't get on the green. but this is better. wow. no high fives, just some extra lieu bring can't to celebrate. and that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis 6789 we will see you again at 6 o'clock. have a great friday, everyone. >>holly: happening now from the vatican the catholic church will coin a joint declaration with the russian orthodox church for the first time in history. >>jay: right now a vatican spokesman said the pope will meet with the head of the russian orthodox church february 12th in cuba, where they will sign the agreement. >>holly: we are watching a live press conference from the vatican making these announcements. ingrid, outside, on my way in there were a few flurries outside. >>ingrid: it's so windy they are flying every where. nothing exciting in the way of snow, but maybe in the extended forecast. but for today let's enjoy sunshine. 40 degrees in asheville.
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and it will stay windy today and cold. you will need the coat all day long. down in the upstate, greenville, spartanburg, and the umenter 40s to low 50s. tonight, if you are heading out on the town, bundle up. 23 in asheville to 27 in forest city and 28 in the upstate. and before you head out the door, let's check back in with jaclyn. how is it looking out there? >>jaclyn: ingrid, tunnel road is getting busy right now through our morning commute. there are slow cons on the westbound side just past the parkway ramp. but, overall, that is a 19 minute smooth ride from porters cove to i-40 eastbound. check k back on 19/23, now we are dealing with minor delays heading towards 240/26, traffic at louisiana avenue is slowing to 29 miles per hour. so, keep that in mind if you are heading out on that area. if you are hopping on i-26 into asheville, that commute is looking good for you. the drive from airport road to i-40 timing out to 9 minutes. that's a look at your on-time
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the wired >>holly: 6v:24. we are two days away from the superbowl so we asked, what are your plans? >>jaclyn: kim said homemade pizza, homemade dips and chips and a few friends bringing over drinks. >>holly: i think we're going to her house. and one person said checking facebook updates. >>jaclyn: and scott said working patrol to make sure everyone is safe throughout the game. game. >>holly: thank you for that. >>jay: in the "morning surf" we are look at the best superbowl commercials of 2015. >>ingrid: this is fun. we post add link to under "news links" and start with the first one that is news inspired. >>jay: i really love this one. bryant gum bell and katie cow rick. >> ( ) you mark it with the a. around it?
6:21 am
i never heard it said. [inaudible] >> can you explain the internet? >>jay: this is my reaction. >>ingrid: exactly. >> katie said she thought this was a car? it's built using wind? like a windmill? >> or a fan or turbine? >>ingrid: they are still trying to figure this out. allison? can you explain what i. 3 is? >>ingrid: i love that. >>jay: okay. so, it took a little time, but they keep going here. >>ingrid: my favorite one on there is the budweiser with the puppies. we didn't have time to show it so make sure you go to the web site and check it out. that one is cute. a final look at weather, temperatures are cold, 27 degrees.
6:22 am
20 miles per hour. so, it's feeling chilly out there. who has a wind advisory? i will let you know coming up as well as our weekend forecast for superbowl sunday and when we are forecasting snow coming up at 6:30. >>holly: bus driver shortage, why buncombe county says fewer people are applying. >>jay: if fewer college students are becoming teacher, why some people say the drop in enrollment may be a good thing. >> >> >>lauren: giving you a sneak peek inside the mountain r.v. and boat show, we have a peek at
6:23 am
wnc >>holly: we have a great "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: one lucky person can win $100 to wild wing cafe i. ooh esa great deal if you plan a superbowl party this weekend, or if you want to go to wild wings to watch the big game. >>ingrid: go to 13 to enter. and we will announce the winner in 30 minutes. stick around. wild wings is in the studio to show game day recipes you can do at home. >>holly: or you win the early bird, you call them up and they cater all of that for you this weekend. >>jay: bring it right to you. >>ingrid: you can get a lot of wings for $100. not bad. the weather is not terrible outside. you know, it is chilly. temperatures in the 20s across the region.
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light snow that fell in or northern and eastern zones. that's out of here. we are look at clear skies right now. wind advisory is out through 10 o'clock this morning for yancey, mitchell, african avery, and mcdowell and burke mountains. gusts up to 45 miles per hour. but, wind right now in asheville, at 20. so it's feeling like the teens and it will stay in the 30s through lunchtime. coming up in my full forecast, i will let you know what you can expect for superbowl sunday if you are going to be outside at all. plus, when snow will return to the forecast. right now, let's head to the on-time traffic center. jaclyn you are seeing delays? >>jaclyn: look out for minor congestion in two spots around asheville, tunnel road is one of them. things are slowing down on the westbound side. you can see just past the parkway, so keep that in mind. now, 19/23 here is another problem area. things are slowing down approaching 240. so, heads up if you are heading out in that area. and if you are heading out towards i-26 at brevard road 24 morning, here is a live look at what you can expect.
6:25 am
smoothly, no major problems on the road. that's your traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. back to you. >>holly: we have an update on the power outage on airport road in arden. >>jay: power is restored to many customers but some are still in the dark. this is video when over 800 customers were affected. you can see airport was dark out there. >>holly: duke says it was caused by damage to the equipment and they expect full power to be restored any minute now. we are two days away from superbowl 50. the excitement has been building for weeks now as the panthers and broncos get ready to face off this sunday. >>jay: news 13's luke notestine is in san francisco where fans are indulging in everything game related feeling superbowl fever. >>luke: hello, we are here in the heart of san francisco for the moss ki know experience ( ), where football fans in the area can get their fill and test out their athletic abilities in different things like the broad
6:26 am
they can even race each other in the 40-yard dash. we even got video of a panthers fan and broncos fan going head-to-head. the guy in the panthers jersey won. could that be a preview of what we will see on sunday? we don't know that yet. but this is just a great sort of setting, right in the heart of downtown san francisco for these football fans to get ready for the big game on sunday when the panthers will face the2?;w+c; ;fi3aw@dn7 we are going to talk to some people from the asheville area that will be here for the game, that are excited to be here and we will bring you the reports over the next couple of days as we get ready for superbowl sunday. for now, reporting from the heart of downtown san francisco, i'm luke notestine, for news 13 sports. drink we have to say we're all pretty jealous of luke being in san francisco now. >>jay: that's right, luke and andy coats, our photojournalist are there all weekend long. >>holly: if you are looking for something to do, the mountain r.v. show kicks off today at the wnc ag center.
6:27 am
live from there. lauren, all types of r.v.s are on display? >>lauren: yeah, we showed you the boats and atvs and now we are looking at all the r.v.s. you can see see a variety of sizes here. this show kicks off at 10:00 at the wnc ag center. they have enough merchandise to fill two buildings out here. between all the boats, atvs, and r.v.s. so we are showing you the comparison and the different sizes. this is miranda debrule, she is the organizer, one of the organizers of this event. show us a little bit about the smaller versions you have? >> yes, we have tow-behinds and a motor home class b, it's got all the amenities of home. a bathroom in the back, shower, kitchen area, t.v. >>lauren: great for somebody who likes to do a lot of short road trips, maybe, pile the family in there and take off. and then you have even the larger, luxury motor homes? >> that's right. >>lauren: tell us a i bout this one we are in now. >> this is a class a motor home.
6:28 am
all the luxuries of home but with much more space than the class b. >>lauren: yes, so you have leather furniture and you have your tables and even the couches in these fold out into beds? >> that's right. >>lauren: so you can put probably four people in here? >> yes. >>lauren: between the huge bed in the back. >> and you can even do your laundry. >>lauren: if you even want to make it feel like home, you can take your laundry with you. awesome. of course the bathroom, kitchen, this is a huge kitchen, too. >> it's got nice counter space. those of us that cook we we easter sunday appreciate that. >>lauren: definitely. >> indoor fireplace. >>lauren: doesn't get better than this. spring is coming up so now is a great time to come check out the r.v.s an boats and get ready for spring. this is the family event, too? >> it's a family event. we want to get ready for racing season. it is a family event. traveling, camping, we all know that that's fun to do with the kids. or the grandparents. so, it's -- this is a family event. kids are free. >>lauren: all right.
6:29 am
includes parking? >> that's right. >>lauren: all right. we have all the information on our web site, just click on "news links." reporting live from the wnc ag center, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: happening tomorrow, job hunters will have another chance to learn how to become a north carolina state trooper. a recruitment session was held last night and another will be tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at the reynolds fire department. the highway patrol is looking to fill 162 positions statewide. 8 of those are right here in the mountains. one trooper we spoke with says it is much more than a job. >> the pay is decent but as far as what you can get out of the job itself, it goes a lot farther than money. you are actually helping your community and saving lives. and it's something you can feel good at night when you lay down. >>holly: to be a trooper, here are some requirements including being 21-39 years old and having a high school diploma or ged. >>jay: 16 recruits are about the start a new chapter in their lives.
6:30 am
one, two, three! one, two, three,! >>jay: the new cadets for asheville's police department worked out in front of the fire department. it's part of the two months of training the 15 men and one woman will undergo. >> so we can look at them. we can ask them and talk to them. they're going to be basically stone cold statue, because we will, at the end of the field training, be expected to do it on our own. so that we are ready when we are by ourselves. >>jay: an officer starting salary with a.p.d. is $34,000. they have a total of 28 positions to fill, including openings for detectives an patrol officers. >>holly: new this morning, a polk county man is behind bars after a lengthy drug investigation. 21 year-old brayland metcalf faces charges including possession with intend to manufacture, sell, or deliver marijuana and felony possession of cocaine. deputies say they found both marijuana and cocaine at his
6:31 am
executing a search warrant there. >>jay: new information in the investigation into the death of a 17 month old baby in haywood county. 911 calls indicate tyler preznel was blue and not responding. first responders were not able to revive him. he died from blunt force trauma to the head. the investigation continues. no charges have been filed. >>holly: there are still more questions than answers in the suspicious death of a hernd man. >>jay: 66 year-old terry butler was found dead in his home yesterday morning. at last check, deputies were still searching for butler's 40 year-old son for a health and welfare check-up. terry's brother says he just wants to know what happened. >> he didn't deserve to die. that man would give you the shirt off his back and he is poor as all get out. >>jay: over the last few years deputies went to the butlers
6:32 am
john says he doesn't think joey would hurt his tad. >>holly: and in a story we have been following since wednesday, jackson county authorities are investigating the shooting death of a jackson county man as a homicide. timothy morris' body was found by his wife wednesday. as of this morning, no arrests have been made. >>jay: thieves broke into a home while the family was away with their hospitalized child. tommy mac avee says he and his family had just gotten home from charlotte when they discovered the break in. his son had just undergone a medical procedure. the thieves stole everything, from guitars to guns. >> it's just really, it's just really sick, you know. i just feel like -- it just makes the situation way worse. >>jay: the thieves also made themselves at home, taking a beer from the refrigerator. if you have any information, contact the buncombe county sheriff offense office. >>holly: a student at mcdowell high school is accused of having a gun on school grounds. 17 year-old justin brooks is charged with felony possession of a weapon on educational property and misdemeanor
6:33 am
the sheriff offense office says an officer doing the security check at the school parking lot saw ammunition in brook's vehicle. they searched and found a handgun inside. >>jay: right now we have an update on north buncombe's assistant principal he is back on the job following a five day suspicion. school officials put barry owens on administrative leave after a crowd control incident on the 15th of january. it is over and they have reinstated owens to his position. >>holly: a number of college students who want to be teachers plummeted 30% in the last five years according to enrollment numbers by teacher training programs in the unc system. some blame poor pay and long hours. in recent years state lawmakers also raised standards and scrapped the scholarship program for students going into education. some say the drop in enrollment may be a good thing. >> i really think that the dip
6:34 am
of -- i don't want to say exclusive, but the kind of environment that you want in a highly professional field. >>holly: the buncombe county school district says it has been receiving fewer teacher applications lately. they say if this pattern continues it could mean fewer quality teachers in classrooms and larger class sizes. >>jay: the buncombe county school district needs bus drivers. it's been a problem for months. they are paid positions but the district says with the economy improving, fewer and fewer people are coming forward to fill them. the district has 9 positions open right now for more information visit and click "news links." today is the last day to enter our valentine's selfie cocontest. send your most creative selfie of you and your valentine to win a $150 pair of diamond earrings from allen's jewelry and pawn. >>holly: click on and the winner will be announced next tuesday, february 9th. if you need some ideas for your superbowl party.
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morning to show tasty now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: good morning, everyone. and happy friday. weekend is around the corner. big weekend for the football fans, i will show you the forecast in a a second. this morning, starting off chilly, 35 degrees in greenville. look at the distance. the flags are flying and it's breezy outside.
6:36 am
network now takes utto north asheville. does show 26 degrees, so it's a chilly start across western north carolina. we did have reports of light snow and flurries across the region earlier this morning. nothing to speak of now. in fact, it's been so windy, anything that could have fallen likely just floated away. 27 degrees in asheville right now. we stay pretty chilly this morning, and a 0% chance of rain today but the chance will go up for some precipitation next week. so, zero for observed category and now 1.5 inches, a surplus for the year. we picked up, of course, a couple days ago a lot of rain. that's why the french broad at blantyre is still very high. flood warning is out. still, i know it's been pretty lengthy and we will continue through saturday. until we drop below the flood stage. so still minor flooding issues there. newland is cold, 20 degrees. 27 back in the asheville area. 30s further south into the upstate. 28 in franklin. and the wind here in buncombe
6:37 am
per hour all morning long. 1 in hendersonville and the wind chill in asheville, 14 degrees. you will definitely want to wear the winter coat. plus, wind advisory still out for these counties. yancey county, mitchell county, afraid, mcdowell and burke county, until 10 a.m.. the dip in the jet stream is allowing cold air to funnel back down into our region. so the good news is we will have sunshine today. so, futurecast model showing clear skies through lunchtime, through dinnertime as w wl. overnight tonight, maybe a few high passing clouds. that's about it. so the weekend is looking really nice with sunshine through susuay and milder conditions as well. today, mostly sunny, 34 miles per hour winds. even down into the valley. so we will feel relatively cold today. calmer wind tonight, down to 23. in greenville, mostly sunny, breezy conditions, 49 for a high. and tonight, back down to the 20s. superbowl, 50 degrees expected if you are going to be outside, maybe grilling hamburgers or enjoying some other festivities outside.
6:38 am
and into next week, yeah, look that the. 60% chance of snow, 40% chance tuesday and then getting very cold by the middle of next week. there are no accidents reported in asheville, jaclyn, but we are dealing with delays right in morning? >>jaclyn: 25 near the state line is very congested so give yourself a little extra drive time if you are heading that wayen to your morning commute. the good news is i-26 nearby is flowing smoothly through hendersonville and all the way ththugh to polk county. tunnel road is still a problem spot for you this morning. get ready for those slowdowns just pass the parkway ramp. and our news for heading i-40 westbound in the marion area it is a smooth commute from marion to patton cove road. that drive will take you 25 minutes. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. holly and jay, back over to you. >>jay: a lot of people are getting ready for superbowl parties this weekend. >>holly: this morning, we have been talking to sara good pastor with wild wing cafe and she's been showing us delicious things you can make for game day or really any day.
6:39 am
shrimp, what do you have for us now? >> we will make our buffalo chicken dip. the flavor of a chicken wing withou all the mess. so, really again another easy recipe. anybody can make it. and you want to start with some softened cream cheese. and then ranch dressing, of course. all the stuff has to go on the chicken wing. you have your blue cheese dressing as well. >>holly: you get both with this. >> both in here. and then celery. >>jay: something healthy. >> a little vegetable on that one. >>jay: yes, that's right. >> hot sauce of your choosing. we actually use our traditional buffalo hot sauce for our recipe. and mix k of cheese, and you want to mix that together. it gives a nice consistency, and then, the last ingredient, supereasy again, poached kicken. to add your poached chicken. >>holly: i know a lot of
6:40 am
>>jay: that will work? >> absolutely. >> really simple and easy and again pop it in the oven for a few minutes, have a nice bubbled crust on top and ready to go. that's it. >>holly: you can serve this with pita chips or whatever you like. >> and you can order it to go for superbowl sunday and we will have it ready for you. >>jay: what are the most popular items people want? >> wing, wing, wings. we did 15,000 wings at our location last superbowl sunday. one location. >>holly: talk to us about the different flavors, too. you guys don't have a shortage of flavors. >> no, there's 33 flavors. probably our most popular is the wild west, which is your ranch flavored wing. jalapeno cheddar is by far my favorite and they are delicious. so we can take care of you, 600 wings every 15 minutes if we need to. >>jay: 600 wings every 15 minutes. >> we can cook 600 wings every 15 minutes. >>jay: thing how much busier
6:41 am
because the panthers are playing. >> the panthers are playing so we are getting excited. >>holly: you should be excited at home, too. not only because the panthers are playing but also because you have a few more minutes to enter our "early bird gets the win" give away. wild wings brought us $100 in gift cards to give to somebody. so, if you don't want to chiewlgly have to deal with any of this, you can call this weekend and order all the food and it's basically going to be on them. >>jay: thanks for being here. we appreciate it.
6:42 am
>> we will be right back. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
6:43 am
the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >>holly: new this morning. a u.n. rights group found julian as sage should be freed from ecuadorian prison, they say he has been arby trainerly detained by sweden and the u.k. since 2010. >>jay: he spent the past 3 1/2 years at the embassy for avoiding arrest for alleged sex offenses in sweden.
6:44 am
entitled to compensation. >>holly: a missouri couple wanted for kidnapping and armed robbery in a multistate crime spree has been shot. it happened during a stand off in milton florida. lake fitzgerald was found dead at the scene, brittany harper was brought to the hospital with gunshot wounds after leading leading police on a high speed chase. >>jay: a man is speaking out from jail. >>holly: amonobundy spoke out after facing a grand jury for occupying federal land. in all, all 16 occupiers are facing charges. this is the fist time we are hearing from him outside a written statement. >> there is also governmenen officials ignoring the people, or acts like the take over of the refuge. taking over the refuge was not only right, it was the duty of the people to do. >>holly: most of the occupiers are still in jail. but two have been released. spokesman lloyd sin mecum was
6:45 am
law enforcement. don't expect to see these pig skins on the field any time soon. >>jay: when you can get one of these fashion footballs. >>holly: first today's mind teaser, which superbowl was the most watched in u.s. history? >>jay: we have the answer when
6:46 am
>> >>holly: let's get a quick recap of the load call headlines. new information in the investigation into the death of a 17 month old boy in haywood county. >>jay: 911 calls made the day that the child died indicate tyler preznel was blue and unable to be revived. an initial autopsy findings find he died from blunt force trauma to the head. no chahaes have been filed. >>holly: madison county officials are looking for a man who hit the first citizens bank just before 11:00 yesterday morning.
6:47 am
wearing black rimmed glasses, a gray hoodie and camouflage hat. if you recognize him, call the madison county there there was offense office. >>jay: there is no word on how soon officials can turn a former landfill into a sporting complex in inca. representativerepresentatives lived to concerns of the residents last night. the d. e. q. said there are specific requirements they must do to make sure the site is safe. it's near the former b. a. s. f. plant. >>holly: we asked which superbowl was the most watched in u.s. history. >>jay: the answer, of course, is superbowl xlix, you got it right, holly. last year, between the new england patriots and seattle seahawks. a record 114.4 million viewers tuned into the big show in the u.s. the patriots won. >>holly: you never know. this year could be even bigger. and look at the nfl football. it has turned high fashion. >>jay: the fashion footballs
6:48 am
of fashion designs of america as part of the superbowl 50th anniversary. the designers produced their own bizarre, glit zi, and glamorous ( ) takes on the brown leather ball. >>holly: each piece is auctioned on-line from now to february 14th. proceed will go to the nfl foundation, which is a charity serving various causes. some of them are really cool. >>jay: they are. >>holly: we have a winner in this morning's "early bird gets the win" give away. more than a thousand of you entered. >>jay: congrulations to millie burns. >>jaclyn: you have won $100 in gift certificates to wild wings cafe. >>ingrid: and we will e. e-mail you how to claim your prize and i think your friend will be calling to say, hey, we're coming over. we have a chilly start, in the 20s across the edge radio . this afternoon, notregion. breezy throughout the day. you will need the coat all day long. tonight, 20s and tomorrow back up to the 40s. 50 degrees.
6:49 am
monday and tuesday of next weekend. a big cooldown. highs in the 30s. >>jay: but sunday looks good for going over to millies. >>ingrid: yeah, not too bad. >>holly: roads this morning? >>jaclyn: roads are clear this morning. >>holly: thanks so much for joining us. have a fantastic friday and great superbowl weekend.
6:50 am
>> good morning, america. a major storm hitting the northeast, 11 states under advisories as schools close and millions get ready for a dangerous commute this morning. new warnings right now. fight night in new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders come out swinging in their first one-on-one showdown. >> if you've got something to say, say it. >> sanders digs in. >> she has the entire establishment or almost the entire establishment behind her.
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